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apparel/fashion brands/retailers

The apparel industry is rapidly changing. Many companies are downsizing, meaning those remaining need to wear more hats than ever before, while quickly needing to expand in new areas of expertise. Experienced in every facet of the business, Bret will foster knowledge and growth for industry leaders.



There is a challenge in the education system to keep up with the rapidly changing apparel industry. It is Bret's goal to continue to advocate for education on the latest technologies in the industry and foster technical education for textiles and garments. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for the University of Missouri-Columbia to support the development of talent studying within the Department of Textile & Apparel Management program, as well as the Advisory Board at Lindenwood University within the Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship program. In addition, Bret has been a guest speaker, educator, and mentor at Washington University Sam Fox School of Design, and the University of North Texas.


Having extensively traveled to more than 70 countries, with time spent running a fully vertical city factory in Ethiopia that employed thousands of workers, Bret is an expert at navigating the supply chain and managing social variances country to country. Working globally, Bret has a well-established community of loyal factory partners that are vetted for social responsibility, quality, consistency, and timeliness.  

Strong technical expertise can be a challenge to find and having the resource to clearly communicate the details for production is essential to ensure a positive outcome of a garment. With in-depth knowledge of the details of fabric, dyeing, finishing, fit, and spec, Bret is skilled in every detail within garment construction and manufacturing.

connecting apparel around the globe

The industry of apparel is often the first step toward industrialization of a third world country. Being a globalist, Bret sees the bigger picture in helping to develop manufacturing in other countries for both the developing region and the importing country. Every country is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses to navigate. Through cultivating the areas of strengths and understanding what is needed from an infrastructure standpoint, through the years, Bret has worked to help develop trade in textiles in countries such as; Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Dubai, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

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innovations, insights, and technical

Apparel Design, Sourcing, Fabric/Trims, Buy Planning, Logistics, Direct to Consumer, Quality Control, Brand Positioning, Fit & Technical, Garment Manufacturing, Dyestuffs, Washes, Mills/Spinning, Warehousing, Marketing, Trend Forecasting, Apparel Assortment Planning, Industry Technology, and Innovation in the Industry.


If it is a part of the apparel process, they do it.


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